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Online auctions are held at regular intervals either on our clients site or at our premises. Online auctions are the most common method to realising larger quantities of various assets. Online auctions are timed and a closing date is set, bidding takes place live online where registered users bid against each other in order to win the desired asset.
Our dedicated online auctions are hosted utilising the Bidspotter Auction Platform. We broadcast live auctions to over 500,000 active buyers worldwide! BidSpotter is the world leader in industrial online auctions.
We also run monthly collective auctions for clients wishing to sell smaller quantities of assets which do not justify a bespoke online auction. To sell your items please click here.
Prior to auction day our operations team will travel to the plant location, lay out all assets destined for auction, digitally photograph and professionally describe every item including model and serial numbers as necessary. Our marketing team will create a high impact campaign to showcase these assets to a worldwide audience, as well as our in-house database.

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